Winter Rehab Warmer

Over the past couple of years, I have become a big fan of mixing up a few scoops of CarboRocket Rehab with some whole milk or almond milk to get some calories and protein in my body after a hard workout.  Brad and team have made a great product that mixes very easy and tastes awesome.  Two scoops give you 16g protein plus 5g L-Glutamine and 4g of BCAAs.  Glutamine is great amino acid for muscular recovery as well as documented benefits to help bolster the immune system after long, intense efforts.

This winter I came up with an awesome way to get these nutrients in your body on a cold day.  Wendi and I love our coffee which seemed to be a perfect delivery vehicle.  Mixing two scoops of Rehab into a doubleshot of espresso and topping in a big mug with steamed milk produces the best mocha you've ever had.  I have also substituted standard drip or french pressed coffee with essentially the same effect.

If you want to give it a try, Brad over at CarboRocket has offered a 20% discount to you guys.  Just use the code 'REHAB20' at checkout.


Jason Shearer