Who we are

At a mountain biking race in Baton Rouge, La, Jason and Wendi discovered their mutual love of all things cycling. Back then they lived in different states, so they planned weekend trips to coincide with the next big southern MTB event. In between race seasons, they took advantage of work trips out west by adding in a few days to adventure on new trails and terrains, which opened up a passion to discover the world by bike. Hungry for new trails and experiences, they traveled to different areas of US creating new memories. They spent their honeymoon on a Mountain and Gravel biking tour in Argentina, climbing and descending old volcanoes. A few years later, they went biking on an 80 mile loop around Holland, stopping for ice cream and to watch a Dutchman make Clogs. While visiting family in Kansas City they learned about two incredible gravel races, Dirty Kanza and Rebecca’s Private Idaho. This was a whole new way to adventure! With each new experience, it became clear that they wanted to share these ride experiences with friends. This is how Ordinary Epics was born.