TIv14 Bike Setup

While I am collecting all of my thoughts into a full write-up on TransIowa, here is a bit of an expanded version of the bike setup post from a few days ago on Facebook.  Stay tuned for more!

  • TwinSix Ti Rando with Whisky fork.  I am very grateful to have this bike and proud to #ridemetal.  The ride quality is great and I love that I never have to worry about scratches or dings.  There are a lot of times where I will write crib notes directly on the top tube with a sharpie.
  • Nox Composites Citico hoops laced to I9 hubs by Southern Wheelworks wrapped in Teravail 38 Cannonballs.  The lateral stiffness and tracking through rough stuff is amazing.  I believe I had Dustin build these wheels for me about two years ago and they have been trued exactly zero times and are as pure as the day I opened the box.
  • Franken drivetrain. 110BCD Quarq Riken with a 48T ring. 10-42 cassette pushed by a Force 1 derailleur. Gen 1 Force hydro shifters.  I know a lot of people hate on the 1x setup for a gravel bike complaining of big jumps but I absolutely love it.  Lynda had me do a lot of variable cadence work in training that may help me overcome the seeking issue some folks experience with wide range cassettes.  I did somewhat underestimate the hills in Iowa and could have probably gone with a 46T chainring.
  • BarYak LLC cockpit which made navigation super easy and laying down on the bars so nice to escape from the wind and stretch out the back. I had a great conversation with Joe Stiller when I started looking for a cue sheet solution for TransIowa and I really apprecite how invested he and Tina are in the bike adventure community.  I had my Garmin 820 basically just data logging and only had to charge it once! I navigated off of the little Specialized wheel computer on the stem with zero problems.
  • Revelate Designs MagTank for snacks and a Nuclear Sunrise Stitchworks feedbag for electronics, trash, and snack overflow.  The MagTank is a bit smaller than the original Revelate top tube bag but the ease of access outweighs the capacity decrease.
  • Arkel seat bag which I discovered a few years ago from another TI finisher, Andrea Cohen. Great bag and fortunately did not have to open it once.  It is basically a small dry bag fixed in a semi-rigid harness.  I added the Voile strap because there were some pretty deep abrasions on the webbing from years of daily use.
  • The front light I ran for TransIowa is a Fenix UC35 which is absolutely badass. I first used this light as a literal last minute starting line addition at TNGA in 2016 when my dynamo system had failed.  For the entirety of TransIowa, I only swapped a 18650 cell once during the ride. The cool thing about these cells other than the 9-hour runtime is that you can pick up a new one from any vape store which I actually did in Grinnell after discovering that an old one was not holding a charge.  My secondary light was a Black Diamond attached to my helmet a la Plesko. This was clutch for cue reading at night.
  • Using three 26oz bottles was nearly the perfect combo for the conditions at TransIowa. I stopped at a church once to top off a bottle but overall it was the right amount of water. I did grab a liter bottle for the last 100 mile stretch to stick in my hip pack which was much needed.

Overall not the lightest rig out there at TI this year but she served me well. Zero bike problems other than some ghost shifting the last 100 miles due to dust caking.

Let me know if you have any questions!