AZTR Pack List - Hygiene Kit

When talking to another cyclist about bikepacking multi-day routes one of the first questions that typically comes up is "How many extra sets of bibs do you take?" or "Where do you take a shower?". For most of us, the answer is "none" and "when I get back home".  Dirtbag life for sure but this doesn't mean that we are able to neglect basic hygiene and most importantly taint maintenance.  Things can go wrong pretty quick if you let bacteria take hold in your nether regions.

Here is what is my typical hygiene kit which is beefed up a bit for the Arizona trail.

Once again.....I try to keep all similar things in the same location as I talked about in the first post.  For my hygiene kit I use a Revelate Designs Jerrycan which mounts at the intersection of the top tube and seat tube.....right below the region which it supports.

Clockwise from the top left:

  • Jerrycan previously mentioned
  • Ziplock with single use toothbrushes.  I think they are called Wisps.  Also a little packet of Chamois Butter for variety.
  • Small microfiber towel for cleaning glasses and other stuff.
  • Packet of sunscreen.  Packs really small.
  • One of the little tubs has Skin Sake which is my most favorite chamois cream.  The is really thick, full of zinc oxide and stays where you put it.  I really only use a cream if there is a lot of moisture either from rain or heavy sweating.
  • The second tub has Noxema cream in it.  I normally get weird looks and comments when I share this but I find that this is a miracle salve for keeping bacteria at bay.  Wipe a little on your sensitive bits before you bed down for some sleep and you will wake up feeling fresh and clean.  It is also good to clean up a dirty chamois and of course to wash your face if getting a little crusty.
  • Visine to help out dry or itchy eyes.
  • Advil to help with any aches and pains that flare up.  I am going to start playing with turmeric/curcumin as a more liver/kidney-friendly option.
  • Lanacane for when shit gets really bad.  This stuff will numb the pain associated with extreme chaffing and bad saddle sores.  A must have in any bikepackers kit.
  • Packet of wet wipes to clean up after the morning constitutional.  Keeping it clean is key to keeping the red ass at bay.

All of this weighs in at around 3/4 of a pound.  Not bad to ensure an enjoyable ride.

What do you keep in your hygiene kit?

Jason Shearer