Knocking the cobwebs off of this thing.....

I have been doing some longer rides lately which has given me a lot of time inside of my own head.  I'd really like to share some of my experiences over this past year and this is probably the best medium.  Since my last post well over a year ago many things have transpired.....
  • Busted 2014 XC season due to overuse and injury which caused me to think really hard about the kind of riding I actually enjoy
  • Learning how to climb - Santa Fe & Bay Area
  • Engaged at Gooseberry last August
  • Built a sweet carbon CX/gravel bike and quickly broke it
  • Raced some fun CX in MS & AL
  • Charted a course for 2015 to include a wide variety of racing
  • Working with a coach and sticking to a plan
  • Wendi and I married on New Years Eve
  • January Patagonia biking honeymoon
  • Lots of hard/smart training through the winter
  • First road race and DNF
  • First 12 hour race
  • First NUE race which was totally rad
  • Skyway awesomeness
  • High on gravel (and mud)
  • Learning how to live on a bike
  • Planning 2016 and beyond
That's a lot of stuff.  My plan is to turn some of those bullets into posts.  For the next month my singular biking focus is training smart and kicking ass at TNGA.
Jason Shearer