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Gravel is growing...

The great crossover format is quickly becoming gravel racing.  Bringing the handling demands of mountain biking and the race dynamics of the road cycling into one incredible experience.  The first gravel race I participated in was Dirty Kanza in 2015.  My wife Wendi and I were absolutely hooked on the camaraderie and culture that gravel offers riders of all abilities and backgrounds.  We said to each other in the streets of Emporia, after I finished a grueling 16 hour day of racing, that we wanted to bottle this up and bring it south.

After a few years of leading rides, scouting routes, and getting people generally stoked on the idea of gravel, we are ready to bring something truly epic to Mississippi.

Join us in our second year putting on a four race gravel series showing you the best of what Mississippi has to offer.

Jason Shearer



the brainchild of three guys who love bikes and gravel: Matt Roland, Jason Shearer, and Landon Voller. They have spent the past several years both riding gravel and watching how gravel racing has caught the interest of cycling communities around the country. They began discussing the idea of having a series in their home state so that cyclists who were curious about gravel could experience this fun and challenging type of cycling. 

The races are held in four very different parts of the state, so riders can enjoy different terrains for each race. Between the varying grades of gravel and the ever-changing course conditions, these four races provide just about everything you could ask for in a gravel series. Add to that the unique culture and personality that comes with those who love this type of course and format, and you’ll find yourself in the perfect place for an exciting and inspiring ride!